Milward Funeral Directors, Lexington Kentucky

Meet Gus

Milward Comfort Dog


Meet Gus

The Milward Funeral Directors’ comfort dog!

He is a beautiful black lab who belongs to Rob and Lee Milward and their two children, Kate and Wills. Gus is a cheerful puppy who loves cuddling with his family at home, going for walks, and receiving well-deserved treats. If you see Gus hanging out at one of our three locations or just out and about on the town, stop and introduce yourself!

Gus can help families cope with their grief during a Funeral or Life Celebration at Milward Funeral Directors.

In his new role as a future Comfort Dog, the Milward family hopes that he will bring as much comfort to grieving families as he is bringing love into their home. When he isn't helping families, Gus is likely out visiting children in the Lexington community or spending time with the Milward Funeral Directors' staff who need a little stress relief from time-to-time.

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Gus can be available to be present

  • when families are making funeral arrangements for a loved one
  • during calling hours
  • at a children's activity prior to a funeral service
  • during a Life Celebration
  • visits to assisted living, nursing homes and schools

If you would like to meet Gus, give Milward a call at 859-252-3411 or email*

*Please note that Gus may have prior commitments and may not be available for certain events but we will work with you to make sure Gus has an opportunity to be a part of your celebration.


Scientists have proven that petting animals can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even create a hormonal response that raises serotonin levels which helps fight depression.

For many years, therapy dogs have been on the scene where natural disaster or traumatic events have occurred, at hospitals and schools. Recently, there have been a growing number of grief therapy dogs working in funeral homes across the country to comfort grieving families. The primary job of a grief therapy dog is to help people feel calmer -- exactly what is needed when people are grieving the loss of a loved one. Therapy dogs are nonjudgmental listeners who want nothing more than to be petted, and to provide comfort to human companions.

Grief therapy dogs are respectful of client’s wishes and are trained only to approach if they are solicited. They do not jump up, get rambunctious or get overly excited. A good grief therapy dog is very reserved, accepting of attention but not demanding it and not only willing but happy about going to work.