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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

What are the stories, pictures, and lessons that you would like to pass on to your family and future generations? Your childhood experiences, holiday remembrances, even personal, private messages that live on after you leave this life?

Record them today at BeRemembered, an online community where you can record and share how you want to be remembered, even upload video messages for those you love.

Your Life. Your Story. In Your Own Words.

My Biography

Write straight from the heart, or try the interview format to tell the story of your life.

My Timeline

Start at the beginning and add the milestones, pictures and videos that tell your story through time.

My Life in Pictures

Upload all of the pictures or videos that give color and context to your life story. Add names, dates, and places for posterity.

Private Message

Tell those who have meant the most to you how you feel. Private Messages let you decide who sees the message and when.

My Favorite Things

Music, movies, foods...list the many details that make you one-of-a-kind.

My Bucket List

While thinking about how you want to be remembered, be sure to make and share a list of what you still want to accomplish.

Words of Wisdom

Post quotations and ideas that have touched or inspired you when they think of you. Or add your own quotes that loved ones remember you for.

My Last Goodbye

How do you want your end of life memorial event to be? What do you want guests to see, hear, or smell? Describe your Final Goodbye at BeRemembered and share with your family and funeral director so you can have a sendoff that you plan.

How Does BeRemembered Work?

With your free profile, you can document the important milestones and events in your life, add favorite pictures and even record messages for your loved ones and future generations.

You'll select a Guardian to share some of the stories, pictures, and messages you create. The Guardian also "unlocks" the private messages and the rest of your profile to share with family and future generations after you leave this life.

Share your story today!

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