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Brad Allred

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A Funeral Celebrant is a certified professional who consults with a family to plan and conduct a meaningful ceremony that pays tribute and honors the unique life of a loved one. For families who do not consider themselves religious, a celebrant is a good choice for conducting a non-religious, semi-religious or spiritual funeral service. While a Celebrant can have a religious background, his focus is to honor the beliefs, values and desires of a deceased individual and his or her immediate family or friends who are part of the growing non-religious population.

A Celebrant Service is tailored to help family and friends acknowledge their sadness and celebrate joy simultaneously with the content and delivery of the service based on input from surviving family members. During the planning meeting our celebrant spends quality time learning about your loved one so he can incorporate stories, life experiences and memories integrated with special music, videos and readings into a personalized service. Often these types of services are referred to as a Life Celebration. While celebratory in nature, a Life Celebration can also include traditional funeral and burial rites, but with greater emphasis on providing a healing experience for family and friends of the deceased.

With the guidance of our Celebrant, your family will be able to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that best reflects your personal needs and desires.

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