Milward Funeral Directors, Lexington Kentucky

Funeral Expenses

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A funeral, in its broadest sense, includes all professional services of the funeral director and staff, use of the funeral home's facilities and motor vehicles, and related items such as caskets or urns. Your funeral director will provide you with a general price list, and you should feel free to speak frankly about all costs involved. Full-service funeral homes maintain a wide selection of funeral items, and your funeral director can help you select only those you need or want. Funeral items to consider may include the following:


Milward carries a variety of caskets to meet the needs of families we serves, such as solid hardwood, cloth-covered softwood and metals (steel, copper or bronze). Each offers a range of features and degrees of craftsmanship. For any casket you consider, you should expect to find a detailed description of its qualities and cost clearly marked. Feel free to examine the caskets and ask your funeral director for additional information.


When you choose cremation as the means of disposition, the cremated remains will be placed in your of choice container. As with caskets, urns are available in a wide range of materials, styles and prices.


Many cemeteries require that the casket be placed in a burial vault which is an outer enclosure that adds protection for the casket and keeps the ground above it from settling. Burial vaults are typically made of reinforced concrete with non porous lining or galvanized metal. Stainless steel or copper vaults are also available.

Other Merchandise

Milward Funeral Directors offer additional items such as memorial folders, thank you cards, tribute videos and special keepsake items. Your funeral director can provide you with complete information on all the choices available to help you memorialize your loved one.