Milward Funeral Directors, Lexington Kentucky

Green Burial

Green Burial is Eco-Friendly

For families who prefer to honor a loved one while simultaneously caring for the Earth, natural burial can be a satisfying choice.

The Milward Green Burial Package

Milward Funeral Directors endeavors to make it possible for families to conduct a traditional funeral service or celebration of life ceremony while using products that are eco-friendly.

  • A Green Burial takes place without the use of formaldehyde-based embalming.
  • If a visitation is conducted, Milward uses eco-friendly cosmetics and applies a minimal amount.
  • Eco-friendly caskets that do not contain metal and are biodegradable are used.
  • A grave liner is used instead of a vault.

The service can be held at Milward Funeral Directors, Celebration Center of Lexington, your place of worship, home, favorite park or other location.